Do you Love or Loathe Dance Performance Time?

Or more to the point, do you love or loathe the organisation required  to get to the performance with every, single little thing your dancer needs?

I get it, there is so much that comes along with Dance! The costumes. The shoes. The makeup. The hair accessories.
Bags for this and bags for that. The bits you forgot to pack that you didn’t take out of the other bag you had them in – and let’s not forget making sure that everything you bring actually comes home with you again!

Oh yes. I’ve been there many times. The life of a Dancer and Dance Parent is made up of so many of these times.
So I created Danceree.

Express Yourself, Don’t Stress Yourself

The Danceree collection is all about products that have been designed with dance life in mind.  Our collection is designed to work together, giving you fun and functional products that enable your dancer to focus on what they love…. dancing.

Express your dance passion and get organised with Danceree.
Be prepared with Danceree’s uniquely designed products for all expressions of Dance. Find your perfect partner with Danceree products in your dance life.

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