Roller Bag Collection

An Instant Wardrobe, Ready to Go! Durable, Stylish & Ready to Roll.

Carrying all of your costumes in a simple duffel bag or suitcase creates a nightmare whenever you want to find something or only have a small space to set yourself up in a change room. And if there isn’t a hanging rack available, your Danceree Roller Bag is at hand to avoid the chances of anything going wrong.

With it’s own sturdy hanging rack, with extensions on each end, Danceree Roller bags create an instant wardrobe for all of your costumes. You can see every outfit at a single glance, keep them in order of performance and have peace of mind that everything is ready to go.

The Danceree Roller Bag is designed to be durable and long lasting, so we expect you to get hundreds of trips out of it. Whether it’s just down the road for an eisteddfod or a plane ride to another city for a big performance, the Danceree Roller Bag is ready to go anywhere.

Demi Roller is compact and perfect for approximately 6 costumes. Grande Roller holds approximately 12 costumes without being oversized and hard to transport. Both are designed to hold Makeup, Shoes & Drinks/Snacks in the outside pockets keeping them away from your costumes and the potential disaster if something spills onto costumes. Available in 3 colour options, Blue, Pink or Purple, so you have choice to pick your favourite!

Made to a very high standard from an Australian design, Danceree Roller bags have been designed with everything you need and nothing you don’t.

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